Superior Power

With Zero-Tail swing and Boom-Swing enabling operation in tight and confined spaces.


With four simultaneous operations the bucket, boom, arm and swing can be operated simultaneously and smoothly.


When working with one-way hydraulic attachments, such as a breaker, the standard third-line hydraulic return system allows oil to flow directly back to the tank without running through the control valves. This contributes to less oil contamination, reduced back pressure, and greater oil flow efficiency.

U50 Cab Unit

Technical Specs


Model Kubota V2203-M-E3-BH-BR2
Total displacement 2197cc
Rated output (SAE J1995 gross) 28.8kW (38.2 HP) / 2250rpm

Bucket capacity 0.16 m3
Std.bucket width: (with/without cutting blade) 650 / 600 mm
Machine weight (rubber/steel crawler) 4780 / 4865 kg
Operating weight (including operator weight: 75kg) (rubber/steel crawler) 4855 / 4940 kg
Swing speed 8.6 rpm
Blade Width 1960 mm
Blade Height 360 mm


Overall length 5510 mm
Overall height 2540 mm
Overall width 1960 mm
Min. ground clearance 320 mm


Track Type Rubber / Steel
Track Width 400mm

Travel speed (1st/2nd gear) 2.5 / 4.4 km/h
Max. climbing angle 30 deg


Max. digging height 5630 mm
Max. dumping height 4000 mm
Max. digging depth 3560 mm
Max. vertical wall digging depth 2890 mm
Max. digging radius at ground 5860 mm
Max. digging radius 5995 mm
Min. turning radius – without swing 2375 mm
Min. turning radius – with swing 1875 mm
Min. tail turning radius 990 mm
Transport length 5510 mm
Crawler length 2500 mm
Max. breakout force (bucket) 36.5 kN/3720 kgf

Hydraulic pump type Variable pump x 2
+ gear pump x 1
Swivel motor type Hydraulic piston motor
Travel motor type Hydraulic piston motor: 2F
Fuel tank capacity 64 l


The new powerful and efficient hydraulic system is highly productive, ultra-manoeuvrable, environmentally friendly and cost-efficient.

Max. bucket breakout force: 36.5kN(3720kgf)
Max. digging depth: 3560mm
Max. digging radius: 5995mm
Max. digging height: 5630mm


For additional operator comfort the CAB model includes an air conditioned (A/C) environment with ample space and good visibility.The sealed environment provides a safe environment for the operator when working in dusty or noisy  environments.