About Perfect Implements

The Perfect flail and rotary mowers stand out with their excellent product quality.
The result is a high level of long-lasting reliability and good working results even under difficult working conditions.


Working Width: 900 – 1500 mm
Tractor Minimum HP: 30 – 52 HP

Working Width: 1500 mm
Tractor Minimum HP: 80 HP

Working Width: 1400 – 2450 mm
Tractor Minimum HP: 22 – 35 HP

Working Width: 2200 – 3400 mm
Tractor Minimum HP: 28 – 45 HP

ORChard Rotary Mowers

The simple but very sturdy construction of these machines makes them ideal for grass cutting in orchards and vineyards, as well as for maintenance of estates, airfields, parks, camping sites etc.

compact flail choppers

Designed to chop grass and prunings, in among others, orchards and vineyards up to 8 cm diameter.