Terms & Conditions

Please Note:

Without prejudice to the provisions of the general terms and conditions, the consequences of COVID-19 qualify as force majeure and deliveries may be postponed by us on the account of COVID-19. We also reserve the right to make partial deliveries and/or to dissolve the order in whole or in part. We cannot be held liable in case of a delay of delivery or partial delivery on the account of COVID-19.

Images used for illustrative purposes only.
Models may vary from country to country.
Prices are subject to change without prior notice.
Transport costs may apply depending on delivery location.
Kubota reserves the right to change the specifications, prices, models without notice.
Product pictures are for illustration purposes. Some of the items pictured in this web site are optional, and not standard equipment.
Please contact Smith Power Equipment or your local Kubota dealer for warranty, safety or production information.
Smith Power Equipment has a right to sell Kubota products in South Africa.


The anticipated delivery time is given in good faith and we will endeavor to adhere to it. We are however unable to accept liability or responsibility for unforeseeable delays due to factors beyond our control. Such factors would typically include delays on the part of factories, shippers, customs, railways and road transportation etc.


This quotation is valid for seven (7) days subject to stock on hand.


Goods will only be delivered once bank guarantees for payment terms are finalized. (Cheques WILL NOT be accepted). Full payment must be made before the unit can be collected.

Please be advised that it remains the sole responsibility of the buyer / customer to confirm banking details with Smith Power Equipment before processing payment. Smith Power Equipment does not, nor any of the brands fall within the company, take any responsibility for purchases where the banking details have not been verified. Your invoice or email could be intercepted and bank details changed by scammers.

Exchange Rate:

This quotation is valid for a SA Rand / US Dollar exchange rate. If the exchange rate deteriorates above this rate, the quoted price is subject to change. If a deposit has been received; the difference (due to exchange rate fluctuations) would need to be amended and the difference paid or the difference credited.

Parts and Service:

Parts and service are available from us at the above address where we offer a full facility. We work through a nationwide dealer network to supply parts and service units to our customers. Should you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us.


2 Year/1500 hours warranty subject to the application.