heavy duty

The Escorts Kubota Xtreme TLB is a backhoe loader built for the toughest of agricultural applications.

heavy duty

Whether you’re using it for agricultural or commercial work, the new Xtreme TLB offers the power you need.


This unit has a lift capacity at full height of 2 465 Kgs and features a powerful engine, delivering up to 90 horsepower with reduced running costs through lower fuel consumption and four-wheel drive capabilities


Technical Specs

Engine Kirloskar 4R104TA, water cooled diesel engine
Gross Power – kW(HP) 66.2 (90) at 2200 rpm
Max Torque (Gross) 350 Nm @1400 +-100rpm
Meets Bharat Stage III (CEV) emission norms
Hydraulic Pump Tandem Gear Pump
Maximum Flow (both pumps) 117.5 lpm @ 2200 rpm
System Main Relief Setting 225 Bar
Hydraulic System Fixed flow, open centre two pump unloading energy efficient
Four Speed (4F, 4R gear) Syncro shift Electrically controlled 2WD
or 4WD, reversing shuttle transmission provides superior
traction, gradeability, higher force while entering pile or during
dozing operation
Starting Neutral start provision prevents starting when shuttle is engaged
Gear Lever Gear lever with transmission disconnect switch adds to the
overall ease of gear shifting
Front (Std) 12.5/80-18, 12PR
Rear (Std) 16.9 x 28-12PR
Operating Weight 8400Kg

F/R Gear

1st Gear 5.3 kmph / 4.6 kmph
2nd Gear 8.5 kmph / 7.0 kmph
3rd Gear 18.5 kmph / Not recommended
4th Gear 36.6 kmph / Not recommended
Service Brakes Hydraulically actuated dual line, self adjusting, oil immersed, multi disc type on rear axle
Parking Brakes Hand-operated caliper disc brakes
Front Drive and Steer Axle 12 deg oscillation for
maximum ground contact in undulated condition
Rear Drive Axle Rigidly mounted to chassis
Front Wheel Hydrostatic Power Steering
Hydraulic Supply Pump via priority valve for quick
response steering
Working Pressure 120 Bar
Hydraulic System Oil 110 litres
Fuel Tank 134 litres
Engine Coolant 15 litres
Engine Oil 11.5 litres
Transmission Oil 16.5 litres
Rear Axle Oil 17.1 litres
Front Axle Oil 9.1 litres
Brake Reservoir Oil 1.0 litres

Under the hood

Proven, powerful and fuel efficient Kirloskar 4R1040TA, water cooled diesel engine


The TLB, designed with ease of operation in mind and comprises of an intuitive control system, meaning novices and those with little experience can spend less time fussing about controls and more time farming


The front and rear arms can handle the most demanding loads, making it ideal for a variety of everyday farming tasks